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Routine eye exams are a very important part of keeping up with your overall health. Not only do eye exams allow the Doctor to assess your vision needs and provide you with a prescription, but they offer the ability for the Doctor to do a thorough check of the health of the eye. Conditions such as glaucoma and cataracts, retinal detachment, and serious other health issues including diabetes can all be detected during a routine eye exam. Contact us today to schedule an exam with one of our Independent Doctors of Optometry.


We carry a wide variety of frames from various different manufacturers. Some of our frames lines include Kate Spade, Fossil, Banana Republic, Charmossas, Liz Claiborne, Über, Haggar and more!

Stop in and let one of our experienced opticians do what we love, which is help you look your best while seeing everything clearly. Our Licensed opticians will assist you in selecting frames that will best suit your prescription, your lifestyle and your fashion preference.


We have a great selection of both plastic and metal eyeglass and sunglass frames for people of all sizes, including children. We have many different shapes, sizes, colors and styles to choose from, so your child will be excited to wear their fashionable new glasses. Our children’s frame lines include Hush Puppies, Jelly Bean, Polaroid, Practical and more.

We are also proud to offer the Miraflex line for our very young, small customers. If you are looking for safe, flexible eyewear for your child, Miraflex is the ideal frame style. They are made of a rubbery material containing no metal, they come in many fun shapes, colors and sizes, and also come with a band to ensure the perfect fit.


We have a great assortment of OSHA approved safety eyewear in both plastic and metal frame styles. Whether you are male or female, looking for something simple or bold, we have the style for you. Safety eyewear is a must have in order to keep your eyes protected, and are ideal for construction workers, lab technicians, mechanics, factory workers, etc. Safety glasses come with customized side-shields to ensure proper fit and protection.

You can also use these frames to protect yourself while you engage in hobbies such as wood working, landscaping and more.


We offer prescription sports and recreational goggles in a wide variety of colors and sizes, accommodating both children and adults alike. These styles are very durable, and offer great coverage to keep your eyes protected during sports like baseball, basketball, soccer and more. They have a snug fit, and come with an adjustable strap for your comfort.


While the•eyeglass•shoppe is our name, don’t let that fool you, because we do much more than just eyeglasses! We are also your go-to location for your contact lens needs. We offer an incredibly wide variety of daily, bi-weekly and monthly lenses, and also have the ability to order many customized lenses as well. We have very competitive everyday prices, and work closely with the contact lens manufacturers to make sure you take advantage of any mail-in rebates and promotions they may be offering.


We have an on-site lab, which often times allows us the ability to offer our customers a quicker turnaround time than the typical 2 week estimate. Additionally, depending on your eyeglass prescription and lens selection, we may have same day or next day service available.


Cleaning and care are very important for your eyeglasses, so be sure to protect your investment by stocking up on our cleaning products. We want you to get the most out of your eyewear by keeping the lenses free from scratches, pits and smudges. We have a nice selection of cleaning products, hard and soft cases, eyeglass holders and chains.